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Fit your Sketch designs with Angular more Grid & Flexbox

Screenshot of Sketch Design we have to develop

A DevOp day deploying Nx Angular monorepos through Vercel


For the case of Angular monorepo for Front, among other features it comes with Jest, Cypress and EsLint by default, so it has been my favourite choice for creating new project in Angular.


First question, what is Bubble Chart…

A scatterplot with variable dot size

from which is an amazing, fantastic and awesome resource that you should…

Intercepting @ngrx/data requests on the fly

  • Create a dummy project in NgRx Data, and
  • customize the URL in NgRx data.

A comprehensive guide to improving your NGRX projects (part 2)

Image provided by the author.

The Use Case

The use case…

Fylo data storage component, challenge. Part 1


What are the Best Ways to Teach Yourself to Code?

  • Going to University & learning computational skills
  • Reading a books
  • Interactive tutorials, online courses & videos…

A comprehensive guide to improving your NGRX projects (part 1)

Photo credit: Author

The end

For those who are very impatient here is the link with the code on StackBlitz & GitHub

The end with the final code…


Are you using NGRX and you don’t know how to manage your notifications in an elegant way? I mean, leaving your applications in a more understandable way and not doing any spaghettis notifications in your clean code?

Our use case

If you arrive here, searching for something related with NGRX you already…

  1. Basic use of inheritance
  2. Extending components from a base class
  3. Others utilities


After writing some code and once you have learnt the good way of doing it and so on, writing and writing the same again and again starts to be very boring, isn’t it?.

A better pattern for adjusting charts

The Problem

There are so many ways to initialise a chart in D3 with Angular, so it can be a problem. …


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